Add ability to close topics

(Bane Sullivan (PVGeo)) #1

It would be nice to have the ability to close your own topics once a solution is given (maybe this already exists and I don’t see it?). I found the option to mark responses as solutions when you are the creator of the topic.

It may be nice to give those posting solutions the ability to propose their response as a solution. Then either have the creator of that topic accept it or automatically mark it as a solution after X amount of time with no further responses.

This would help clean up old threads and help people focus on the unanswered questions.

(Mathieu Westphal) #2

But they can already (with the necessary permission I supose)

Look at this :slight_smile:

(Bane Sullivan (PVGeo)) #3

I must still be too low on the totem pole to close issues, thanks!