Add Basemap to a 3D voxel


How can a basemap, or an aerial photo be added to a 3D Voxel?


Sounds like a texture to me. Is this what you are looking for ?

i am not sure if a basemap or aerial photo is described as texture. i just want to be able to locate where i am in my model by importing maps.

Please provide some dataset or a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve.

here is the Block model spanning over 10 x 10 km. I would like to ‘add’ on top a aerial map from Google maps for example that would be georeferenced.

Please take a look here :

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Hello Mathieu,

I’m using ParaView 5.8.0. I don’t see “Load Texture” option in the “File” dropdown list.
How can I load texture into ParaView 5.8.0?


please open your own thread.