Add custom filters to custom app

I recently ask about automatically adding custom filters to a custom application based on the Clone1 example.

I was referred to this article

But I can’t find an example on how to do it in my case.

For example, in the Clone1 folder I have the file ParaViewFilters.xml, how do I add my custom filters and to that file?

You do not. These files refers only to filters already present in ParaView

Just build a Plugin and load it in your application, the same way you do it in ParaView or with the static framework I provided a link to.

I guess I have problems with this because I can’t find examples that fit my needs.
For example, in there is an example with ElevationFilters.

But I have filters in python, so I look at another example.
In the ParaView source code folder Examples/Plugins there is PythonAlgorithm/
Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 13.49.35

Then, in /Desktop/pv/pv-build/install/lib/paraview-5.7/plugins/
I created a folder and add the filter: MarkersFilters/

Then, I build the Clone1 ( application again from

But the filter is not loaded.

Do I need to create something else? Like an XML file? Where?

Do I have to rebuild ParaView after adding the filters to the plugins folder?


you need to Load dynamically the plugin, exactly the same way as in ParaView.
(or to use the Static link I already explained earlier)

All the info is in the link you provided earlier. Please read it thoroughly.

In the end I end up creating a plugins folder in /path/Clone1/build/bin/ and pasting the filters and there.