Add icons for self-created toolbar

I’m building my toolbar by virtue of paraview’s Reaction mechanism. And all the actions hold in an ActionGroup got instantiated through corresponding pqReactions, the problem is that the icon I add won’t show up and I’m not sure if this is a CMake issue or ParaView one.
I think that I should probably add something in my CMakeLists.txt but not sure where or how since I use ParaView macro paraview_client_add to customize app.

Thanks for any guidance.


Looks like a Qt usability issue to me.
Does the button show up ? even without an icon.

Yes, the button shows in the toolbar and function well, with text when hovered. When I set the icon to Qt standard(e.g. QStyle::SP_MessageBoxCritical), it shows up correctly. So I bet it’s about adding resource to cmake project.

indeed unrelated to ParaView completely.