Add image (logo) to render view


there exists a comfortable feature to place text to a render view using the text source. I wonder if there is something similar for images (logo) available?

Best regards, Michael

In ParaView 5.7, there is ! :sunglasses:

Great. Thank you!:+1:

I have used in previous version another filter (now I don’t remember well its name), but one thing that I would like to do was save a state file with all those standard “informative” filters to apply before loading my results, but didn’t find a way

This usecase is much more adaptated to a python macro.

To generate one do the following :

  • Setup a visualization as usual
  • Tools -> Start trace, Ok
  • Add your “informative” filters
  • Tools -> Stop trace -> Save as macro
  • You now have a new button in the UI, you can just click on it when needed.