Add imagery basemap

I managed to merge a CityGML with NetCDF in a GLTF file using Parawier & Blender.

In order to make a realistic render, I would like to add a basemap below from a TIFF file.

So far I only manage to make some “color legend” render like this :

I’ve seen the topic with the “File → Load Texture” but I don’t have this option.
I’ve also seen the N’Cube plugin but haven’t tried yet because I’m not admin of my PC (GitHub - mobigroup/ParaView-plugins: ParaView plugins)
Do you know if it’s possible to display the image as the initial image ? Thanks, Frank

If I understand your issue, you will want to select your tiff image in the pipeline browser and then unclick the “Map Scalars” checkbox in the property inspector. That should treat the image components as RGB values instead of mapping them through a color lookup table (the default paraview red-white-blue colormap).

Thanks a lot,
I manage to export the texture in the GLTF with Blender but I had to do it manually :

When I export the TIFF to GLTF with Paraview, the TIFF is not include in the GLTF, do you know why please ? Frank

I am not familiar with GLTF. Looking at the source:

it appears @martink wrote the exporter knowing it would only provide a subset of GLTF’s capabilities and a subset of what VTK/ParaView can do as well. You can file a feature request/bug report for this issue (or contribute a fix yourself), but without funding it is difficult to address a lot of requests – so don’t expect immediate results.

I have no issue exporting data with colors to glTF, either through map/unmapped scalars or event textures.

Can you share a dataset to reproduce the issue @frank_forster ?

Hello Mathieu,
Please find a file that I can’t export to GLTF.

It looks like exporting image data to glTF is not supported (yet). A easy work around is to convert it into a polydata first using AppendDataset filter.

Hi again Matthieu,
It works ! Thank you :slight_smile:
FYI I noticed that the image orientation was not taken into account while exporting to GLTF so I had to move the building instead.