Add the possibility to have a display name

(Mathieu Westphal) #1

for all intent and purpose, on Discourse, my Display Name and Tag name are the same :

It would be better to have them separate, or to be able to use your actual name as a display name.

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #2

I turned on an option to display your full name next to your user name in posts. You can also click on one’s tag name and get their profile, which will include full name if it is given.

(Mathieu Westphal) #3

Much better, thanks.

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #4

Can you see my full name displayed? I don’t see it on posts, but I see yours and some other users.

I have my full name entered in my profile and haven’t chosen to hide it…

(Mathieu Westphal) #5

I do not see your full name, no
I see mine.

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #6

Huh, weird. I changed an option to prioritize full name. Now I see my full name, but not my user name! I see both of yours.

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #7

Ah, it seems that if your username is either “first.last” or “first_last” (possibly “first?last”) it will show just your full name (see posts from @Dave_DeMarle, @utkarsh.ayachit, for example). If I add my middle initial, I see both display name and user name.

(Mathieu Westphal) #8

That’s a funny one.