Adding a plane widget representation in a Paraview web app run in parallel mode

I am running a paraview web application in parallel (pvbatch with mpi).
I want to add plane widget representation to a Slice filter (like in paraview desktop)

I am adding an implicit plane widget representation to a paraview proxy object of type Plane
(SliceType proxy of Slice filter)
using the ParaviewWebWidgetManager protocol’s createWidgetRepresentation RPC.
The widget gets rendered to the view as shown below.

However, when I try to use “PlaceWidget” on the widget proxy so that I set its bounds according to the input of the Slice filter, the view seems to show the previous and the new representation of the plane widget as shown below.

After the above step, if I set visibility of the widget proxy to True or False, it affects both the widget representations in the above image.

This problem does not occur if I run my application in serial mode. In serial mode, I am able to create a default widget representation and subsequently able to use PlaceWidget call on the widget proxy without any issues.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.