adding atexture to a mesh

Hi all,
I am using ParaView-5.5.1-Qt5-MPI-Linux-64bit on my Ubuntu bionic machine.
I am loading a polygonal mesh (*.obj) file with 251432 Cells (754296). I would like to apply a texture on it (jpg format) file.
I cannot find neither in the manual or in the wiki how to do it.
Any help is appreciated.


Do your data have TexturesCoords point data on it ?

@mwestphal : I think so. I used to directly load the texture file (using the panel) on the same mesh with Paraview 5.4.1 64bit (Legacy rendering Backend wich is the one shipped with ubuntu).
The problem is that since a couple of days this version gives error on loading the mesh, and the the version I installed (ParaView-5.5.1-Qt5-MPI-Linux-64bit) loads the mesh with no errors but I do not find the button and menu for loading the texture…

It is still available. Make sure you are showing advanced options by clicking on the cogwheel button.

where is it? Cannot find it!!

@mwestphal Yes! Thanks. I did not notice it.
I wish I could flag this as “resolved”