Adding manipulation features in PV glance

Hi everybody,

I have recently discovered PV glance. I was wondering whether it is possible to extend the feature set in the app with the display of colorbars, slicing of solid 3D objects, showing of groups in the mesh, “wrapping results by a vector” and a play button for showing different time frames? These are typical features that could be used in a ParaviewWeb setting? I have looked in the past to ParaviewWeb, but it was not that easy to setup. I know this is an extended question, but wanted to figure out quickly if these things could be possible in a Glance environment, to allocate more time to investigate this new tool instead of ParaviewWeb.

Many thanks!!!



Right now, ParaView Glance could be extended to support everything you want, but it would require adding new features.

  • The colorbars can be generated based on the current colormap
  • slicing of solid 3D objects might not be fully present in vtk.js, but we do have vtkCutter, which might suffice
  • the next two I’m less certain, and @jourdain would know more
  • different time frames can also be supported, just like in the vtk.js TimeSeries example