Adding Max and Min values to color bars with Above Range and/or Below Range Colors

This is a feature request and I would like some opinions before I bother people in the GitLab.

Would it be worth adding a git issue to request that Max and Mix value text be added to color bars that use ‘Above Range’ and/or ‘Below Range’ colors :question:

Here is an example of what I envision:

@cory.quammen This sounds like a good idea to me… What do you think?

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A “Add data range label” off by default in the Color Legend Properties would make sense imo.

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Should I then create this as an ‘issue’ at GitLab or would one of you, with more reputation, have more luck in making this happen?

Reputation isn’t an issue. Kitware cares for all of the kids equally. However, some of the kids bring lunch money to the table… Sandia took this one.

Note that I didn’t give it a deadline, as there is lots of work that is required coming up over the next 8 months.

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