Adding Nvidia Index into paraview 5.6.0 in Ubuntu

Hi there. I have paraview56 installed together when installing openfoam. I have a problem with set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the folder containing NVIDIA IndeX libraries. My NVIDIA IndeX libraries are in my Downloads folder and so the command is export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/keith/Downloads/nvidia-index-paraview-plugin-5.1/l/lib/, however, when I start paraview and load the plugin, the paraview lib folder does not contain the I tried to copy the file into paraview lib folder and load the plugin but it shows an error.

May I know what is the mistake I made?

Thank you

That probably means that your nvidia index lib is not compatible.

Where did you download the ?
Are you looking to use the parallel version or the single desktop version ?

FYI, you can use the single desktop version from our official release direclty :

Hi Mathieu,

I downloaded the nvidia index from the link requested from nvidia website and the version is for 5.1 but my paraview version is 5.6. I am looking single desktop version . May I know is the parallel version is for server usage or rendering using multiple cores?

Thank you

The parallel version is for server usage and requires to be paid.

nvidia does not distribute the nvidiaIndex plugin anymore, as this page can tell you :

It is now packaged in ParaView release directly.

Please download our official release :

Hi there. I have download the Nvidia Index plugin (nvidia-index-libs-2.3.20190820-linux.tar.bz2) from paraview website However, when I update my LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment to the uncompressed Nvidia Index folder, and added LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/k3ith/Downloads/nvidia-index-libs-2.3.20190820-linux/lib" to the bashrc file, I got the error.

I have try to install paraview-5.6.1/ 5.6.2 but I got error core dumped. May I know how to update the library as I do not know how to do that and above command is from Google.

Thank you.

You do not seem to follow. the plugin is packaged within the ParaView binary release.

Please do the following steps :

Hi there. Thank you for the assistance. Finally, I got it works. Unfortunately, I got error when rendering. I will start another post to show the problem.

Thank you.