Adding ParaView as a dependency to a Python project

I’m building an application using the paraview.simple module. To enable CI and generally simplify things, I’d like to include ParaView (PV) as a dependency of my project (I use poetry, my dependencies are in a pyproject.toml file). I see there exists a paraview Anaconda package here, but I couldn’t find an equivalent on PyPI. Hence the question, how can I add PV as a dependency? Is it at all possible?

If not possible, what’s the best option? I can think of:

  • asking the user to install PV manually in the documentation and create the necessary symlinks in the virtual environment
  • scripting the download of PV and creation of symlinks

I’m aware I could use pvpython instead of a separate virtual environment, but that doesn’t suit my needs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You can use PV with a virtual-environment

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Thanks for your message! Could you elaborate a bit:

  • What do you mean exactly?
  • How do I do that? Do you have a reference?