Adding Python annotation to line chart plot

I am trying to add a dynamic title to my line chart plot which an mathematical expression involving time, example of title: “Velocity = 5sin(4t)”. The mathematical expression should be evaluated by Paraview. I tried to use Python Annotation but it seems that it doesn’t work with line chart.
Is it possible to add a Python annotation to Line chart plot?
I can find that the title offers only the variable ${TIME} for time but cannot do arithmetic with it.

Thank you

As a workaround, I used the following:

  • I added a render window above the line chart
  • I changed its background color to white (to match the backgroud color of the line chart window
  • I added a Python annotation filter to the render window, reduced its height to the height of the text.

That works fine for me. I hope there is a proper way to do that.

FYI, Python Annotation and other text sources will be supported in chart views starting with ParaView 5.9. The changes are available in nightly builds.

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Thank you very much for the information.