Adding readers to Paraview

Hi, how can I add the Image Reader to Paraview? I am working on an online computing resource for my university, but need them to add the Image Reader so I can import my .raw images. They only have raw file readers currently.

ParaView can already read .raw files. Is that not working for you ?

I am specifically trying to use the “Image Reader” to import my .raw files.

Indeed, that is what you should use, however it is tricky to use. You have to know all the information about the image as the reader can’t guess them.

I know all the info for my images.

Well then did you try using these info to read your .raw image in ParaView ?

Of course I have… I appreciate the responses, but none of this addresses my question.

My original question is how can I ADD the Image Reader to paraview? Can you download readers and add them to an install. If so, where?

There is multiple ways to add readers to ParaView, ProgrammableSource, Plugins, PythonPlugins.

To be able to help you, I need to understand why do you need to add an image reader to ParaView if the .raw reader works for you ?