Adding the line "from paraview.simple import Show" to a reader, restore the default settings in paraview


as you can see from the title I have a very strange behavior while trying to implement a new reader using a python plugin.
When the reader is automatically loaded from the PV_PLUGIN_PATH after opening e closing paraview two times all the settings are restored to the default values.
But, when I put the python file somewhere else and load it via Tools->Manage plugins->Load New (and also select Autoload), the reset does not happen.
Attached you find a example of the reader giving the issue (I added the from paraview.simple import Show to the the CSV reader ).
If you put it into the PV_PLUGIN_PATH, you should be able to reproduce the error.
NOTE: It only happen with 5.10.1, no problem with 5.8.1 (5.4 KB)

Hi @gv871

Could you provide step by step procedure to reproduce the issue ?


Hello @mwestphal ,

thanks for the quick answer.

You can copy the reader attached to my previous message to your PV_PLUGIN_PATH.
Open/close Paraview a couple of times.
It should restore the default settings.

Unable to reproduce after 5 tries.

Thanks for the try, I also tested with Paraview 5.11.
If we have a from paraview.simple import * in the reader, and the reader is located in the PV_PLUGIN_PATH and not loaded via the Manage plugin window, I still have the same problem.