Advanced post-processing externally for volume rendering data

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I had a question regarding post-processing of volume rendering data and its export to other other utilities. While I find ParaView to provide great post-processing, the added surface/texture improvement is necessary for my work. I found Blender to be useful for improving such surface data.

But for volume rendering data, exporting the .vtk to a Blender compatible format (x3d, .obj, etc) is not possible. I have used the Blender BVTK addon to handle such post processing, but currently, vti import and vtk import have not worked for me (I am still fairly new to using this). I mention this as there was news of ParaView support of Openvdb format for export into Blender. Is there a way to convert .vtk/.vti files to .vdb? I think there are plugins on Blender to open this data type but I was not sure how to set it up but I can try to ask on a Blender forum.

Has anyone been able to directly post-process volume rendering data externally from ParaView? If so, how were you able to do so? For example I have a volume render that looks like:

Afaik, it is not possible to export the result of a volume render except in image form.

However, you should be able to “post process” your result to make it look good within ParaView depending of what you want to achieve.

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The volume is a 3d image and can be exported into other formats such as nrrd, 3d tiff, etc. But whatever is importing the volume would have to be able to volume render it which many systems lack.There is no way to export the rendered volume other than as a screen shot which you could do.


Ah ok I understand, maybe I will stick to ParaView for now with respect to this. Thank you both for your collective input.

Hi all,

I had a secondary question: in ParaView, I can use something called the Extract Selector so applying to my ResampletoImage volume data, I get the option for Data Extract. But how do I run this filter/use it to write the data. In particular, I feel the XML/Exodus data writer may be useful, but for some reason, it won’t export the desired data as shown:

I can set it up for export but how do I actually get ParaView to generate the file as per the setting prescribed under this Data Extract section?