Advice on building paraview (superbuild??) for OpenFOAM runTimePostProcessing


Recently I’ve been trying to use the runTimePostProcessing in OpenFOAM, and I cannot get any working paraview build out of the OpenFOAM packages. LLVM fails to build, so then no mesa/VTK/pv.

I’ve been using the superbuild for several years; I’m always able to get a working build, x86, ARM, graphics card/headless - great tool! So I tried build the OpenFOAM visualization module using an existing paraview superbuild:

export ParaView_DIR=/data/paraview/sb_5.7.0

But I just get the errors at the end of this post. I am not quite sure what “remotingCore” is, and I can’t figure out any flags I could use to build this component?

Any general advice on how best to get runTimePostProcessing working? Am I crazy trying to use an external superbuild for this? Superbuild options (graphic-less ARM64) are below for reference:

cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/data/paraview/$pvVer
-DUSE_SYSTEM_mpi=ON ./paraview-superbuild/

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:66 (find_package):
  Found package configuration file:


  but it set ParaView_FOUND to FALSE so package "ParaView" is considered to
  be NOT FOUND.  Reason given by package:

  Could not find the ParaView package with the following required components:

Just download our binary release from :

For ARM64?

ParaView is not (officialy) compatible with ARM64.

In any case, try to follow the ParaView build guide instead of relying on external script to build ParaView:

Do not use the superbuild unless you need specific libs that you do now want to build yourself. If you need osmesa and your distribution does not provide a package, you may want to use the superbuild in that case.

Thanks for the answers. The superbuild has given me working builds on ARM64 (5.7.0, 5.9.1). My issue is how to get a build that will allow for OpenFOAM’s runTimePostProcessing (I guess this is called “in situ”)

I’m trying to build the “CATALYST_RENDERING” edition, but I get contradictory errors. VTK is missing IOFFMPEG, but if I build FFMPEG, catalyst is incompatible with IO support. Perhaps a bug, but my guess is I am simply unaware of some flags I should be setting?

CMake Error at /data/pvsuper/sb_5.10.0/install/lib/cmake/paraview-5.10/paraview-config.cmake:169 (find_package):
  Found package configuration file:


  but it set VTK_FOUND to FALSE so package "VTK" is considered to be NOT
  FOUND.  Reason given by package:

  Could not find the VTK package with the following required components:
  ParaView is configured without I/O support (via the CATALYST_RENDERING
  edition) which is incompatible with the request for FFmpeg support (via the
  `PARAVIEW_ENABLE_FFMPEG` configure option)

cmake -D ENABLE_llvm=ON -D ENABLE_pythondateutil=ON -D ENABLE_pythonsix=OFF -D ENABLE_numpy=OFF -D ENABLE_qt5=OFF -D ENABLE_python3=ON -D ENABLE_osmesa=ON -D ENABLE_mpi=ON -D USE_SYSTEM_python3=ON -D ENABLE_vtkm=ON -D USE_SYSTEM_mpi=ON -D PARAVIEW_BUILD_EDITION=CATALYST_RENDERING ./paraview-superbuild/

maybe @Francois_Mazen @nicolas.vuaille or @utkarsh.ayachit can help