Aerodynamic Centre of Pressure (CoP)

I need to calculate the centre of pressure of an aerodynamic body using Paraview, with simulations having been run successfully in OpenFOAM. This is required in order to carry out structural analysis of aerodynamic device mounts.

Surely if the program is able to calculate the force on a body, it must assume a position where that force acts? Is this an output-able function in Paraview, or is there a way to calculate it?

Thanks in advance!

Hello James,

It looks like the feature you are looking for is quite specific and will need to be implemented somehow.
Kitware could help you and implement it for you if you need it.



Thank you for your response. I was not aware that this feature is so uncommon, it is output-able from Fluent, for example.

How can I go about getting it implemented?

Kind regards,


It looks like it could be a good fit for a Python Programmable Filter or a C++ Filter Plugin.

You will still need to know how to implement it algorithm-wise and also how to implement a VTK filter.
Good guides and Tutorial can be found online.