After applying the threshold filter, the ParaView carshes

I have a question related to the Threshold Filter. I have this .vtp file. After, applying the “threshold filter” for the file, the ParaView crashes directly. Please, Can I know why the ParaView is crashing? My aim was to threshold the trajectories according to the principle stress array.

block.vtp (1.1 MB)

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Hello Rafeek,

It seems the issue arises due to a bad definition of the lines in your data set, rather than due to the Threshold filter. Could you verify that you are generating those lines correctly?

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The .vtp format is organized in away to have good visualization of the principle stresses tarjectoies. Please, can you tell me ,how the line definiton in the data set should be inorder to let the threshold filter works?

It seems that Line elements consisting of a single node are not allowed. One solution is to use a duplicate nodal id to define the Line element for a single nodal point. (148.7 KB)


@Kenichiro-Yoshimi Perfect!. Thank you for this valuable information. Please, can you tell me which method or algorithm or skill you used to duplicate nodal id to define the Line element for a single nodal point?

I created a very trivial Python script just for this purpose. (1.2 KB)

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Thank you for your effort.

volume.rar (525.0 KB)


Also now I am facing the same problem with this .vtp file, where the Paraviw is crushing after using the Threshold filter. In this .vtp I duplicated nodal id to define the Line element for a single nodal point as you mentioned . However, the Threshold filter is still not working.Please , can I know why the Threshold filter is not working?

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Now there are empty line elements in the data. You need to avoid outputting empty line elements, or remove them afterwards. Below is the vtp file with the empty line elements removed and the script used to do so.
volume_dup_ids.7z (323.5 KB) (2.0 KB)

Thank you for your effort.