Allocating stressdata to points

I am facing a probelm in vtu file format. I have my global stresses at the nodes in my sructure and I want to give these stresses to the nodes in paravaiew in this fomat

However, my problem is in each time I am giving my stress to each node. I am not knowing if I am giving it to the right node. I really want to know how vtu (or paraview) is storing my stress exactly in which sequence or to which node? For example, is paraview storing the stresses in nodes using global numbering or local numbering?

Thank you

Thank you

Hi Rafeek,

As far as I understand, ParaView (vtk) uses global numbering for nodes (please see attached figure about nodes and elements (points and cells in vtk terminology) storage in vtk objects).

If you have vtkMultiBlockDataSet, the numbering of nodes is independent among blocks (e.g. for several vtkUnstructuredGrid objects inside one vtkMultiBlockDataSet).

Hence, to match properly stresses at the nodes to vtk points, you need to know the order of nodes in vtkPoints object.

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