Allowing Macro Interactivity with tkinter


I am asking this again, because I cannot find a reasonable explanation of why this isn’t supported.

I have a need to get some input from a user as part of my macro script. I will then make a call to a web server’s REST interface to pull in a dynamically generated vtkPolygon object, and display it along with some added filters.

I built this on my local PC, running Fedora Linux, and using tkinter - it works out of the box.

However when I run it from the compiled downloaded version it doesn’t work. Even though the tkinter python libraries are available in the lib folder, the actual Tk and Tcl C libraries are not packaged with Paraview.

The only reason I have seen given is that because Paraview and pvpython share the code base it doesn’t make sense to provide a GUI library. However native python itself comes with tkinter support installed by default, and is supported from the command line.

This would really extend the functionality of Paraview, please can I ask you to consider adding support for it.

Afaik, this is supported if you build ParaView yourself and using your own python containing tkinter.