AMR Slice in parallel creates holes in the data or crashes

Hello all,

I have written an AMR reader for our in house code. My class is a child of vtkAMRBaseReader and I let it handle the parallel stuff using its Controller. For the most part, the reader works however in certain cases the AMR slice produces holes in the data when used in parallel (and sometimes seg faults). The normal slice works perfectly fine for all cases. Since the rest of the filters work, I’m assuming the vtkOverlappingAMR data structure underneath is fine, but I could be wrong.

I saw in the 5.6 release there was a bug fix in relation to vtkAMRSlice but it doesn’t seem to have fixed my issue. I am using Paraview 5.6.0 in client server mode.

Any help would much appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

Was this problem ever resolved? I am getting quite weird results when trying to apply the “Slice AMR data” filter in-situ on a vtkOverlappingAMR object.