AMReX output contour plot


I have a question using the AMReX type output in ParaView. This format has meta data and real data stored in multiple files. The slices works well, but not the contour filter.

For example, if I use one variable Bz=0 as the criterion for the isosurface, I get

Clearly one can see gaps on the isosurface. Previously I have tried the same contour with the VTU output format, and it works perfectly fine. What is the issue with the AMReX format with the contour filter?

Do you have a sample dataset to share? The issue could be related to AMR, but would be easier to confirm with a sample dataset.

Here is the sample data:
AMReX output

For what I can tell, looks like the data does not have ghost cells that’s what’s causing the contouring to have artifacts across boundaries.

@berkgeveci, is that expected? I can’t find a filter that generates ghost cells for AMR datasets. Do we have such a filter?

Is this specific to my output, or AMReX type grid data in general?

For my understanding, this is an issue with the type of dataset this reader genereates i.e vtkOverlappingAMR. There are no ghost cells between levels or datasets in this file and hence cell-to-point has errors at boundaries which then become apparent when the contour is applied. The fix would be to generate ghost cells. From what I can tell, there’s no way currently in ParaView to generate such ghost cells for AMR datasets.

I’ve reported an issue here.

As a side note, VisIt can successfully produce the surface contour for our purpose, so this should be achievable.