Analog of pvtu file for vtkhdf

I have alraedy distributed vtkhdf files. How can I read in this via one pvtu like file.


Hi @OsKnoth

Sorry, I’m not sure to follow, are you not able to open a VTKHDF file ?

I am able to solve the files independently, one by one. The files are in binary format.
The header of the files with ncdump looks as
netcdf Orography_1 {

group: VTKHDF {
phony_dim_0 = 2560 ;
phony_dim_1 = 1 ;
phony_dim_2 = 641 ;
phony_dim_3 = 3 ;
phony_dim_4 = 640 ;
int64 Connectivity(phony_dim_0) ;
int64 NumberOfCells(phony_dim_1) ;
int64 NumberOfConnectivityIds(phony_dim_1) ;
int64 NumberOfPoints(phony_dim_1) ;
int64 Offsets(phony_dim_2) ;
double Points(phony_dim_0, phony_dim_3) ;
ubyte Types(phony_dim_4) ;

// group attributes:
:Version = 2LL, 0LL ;
:Type = “UnstructuredGrid” ;

I mean “I can open …”

please share your files

Can I share the two files on GoogleDrive, what is your e-mail adress

you can just share the link here

Hopefully this work.

So you have two different .vtkhdf files. You need a single distributed .vtkhdf file, not the same thing.

FYI @Lucas_Givord

Yes, similar to a .pvtu file.

I’m afraid this is not how .vtkhdf describes distributed data.

So in a parallel environment all processes have to write in one file like in MPI.WriteAt. Where can I read something about distributed ouput for the vtkhdf format.

I have found this link: Composite Data Sets for the VTKHDF format - Development - VTK

Is this work in “progress”.

Hi @OsKnoth,

Composite dataset in VTKHDF works in serial but not in distributed for now. I recommend to follow the roadmap to have a clear understanding about what is supported or not in VTKHDF : VTKHDF roadmap - Development - VTK

It seems you use UnstructuredGrid, right? In this case, we can already read distributed UG in ParaView. The documentation is here : VTK File Formats - VTK documentation

For example, here is a dummy distributed UG for 2 rank :
unstructured.vtkhdf (66.1 KB)