Animating a collection

Here is my pvd file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<VTKFile type="Collection" version="1.0" byte_order="LittleEndian" compressor="vtkZLibDataCompressor">
    <DataSet timestep="0.0" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-1.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.1" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-2.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.2" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-3.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.3" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-4.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.4" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-5.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.5" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-6.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.6" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-7.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.7" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-8.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.8" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-9.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="0.9" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-10.vtu"/>
    <DataSet timestep="1.0" part="0" file="mvtkcollection1-11.vtu"/>

Each of the files exist, and can be visualized. My question is: how do I animate the collection?
I try to do the obvious thing,
but I got a hard crash.

You shouldn’t have to open the Animation view. Maybe a place to start is with ParaView 5.10. There are now example .pdf files included with the download. Start with those? They are in File/ Open/ Examples/ vtk/ xml/ parallelUnstrctured. Just open timeBasedUnstructured.pvd, and play it forward and backward.

Are you saying collections only work with 5.10?

OK, I’ve got 5.10. I loaded the file, but HOW do I play it?

You mean ‘pvd’ files, not ‘pdf’ files, correct?

Ok, I think I’ve got it: with 5.10 the play buttons just work, and no settings need to be twiddled. Thanks for your help.

Good. And to quote a friend, Ken Moreland, I blame spell correct. Yes, .pvd files.

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