Animating a static vector field

Hello There
Im new to this community and have not much experience in paraview yet.
I wanna animate a static vector field like described here:
Unfortenatly its seems not to work in my project using paraview 5.9 RC-1

I have screenshot of my settings here:

could maybe someone with expereince check my settings and could give me a tip?
That would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

I konw that i can export 3D data to gltf. Is that also possible with animations?


You have to click on the “+” on the animation view widget to actually add the animation track.
This is written on the wiki.

Hey thanks. I just missed that.

so like this

When i run it, the arrows including the points are vanishing after the first frame it seems.

So the contour produces points along the streamlines.
One point per streamline? And those point would then move along. Is that the concept?
Does this seems right?

Nevermind. I tried again. and after the frst frame, all the glyphs vanishing.

I work for a company and we need to have an animation of CFD results. Is it possible that you could help us set up the animation? We could pay you the time you need for.


We could pay you the time you need for.

Absolutely, a few hours of support would do it:

very cool

this is my firm email. [redacted]
if you could send me your contact information. We could set up a short meeting and discuss the project
many thanks


Sure, we will contact you soon.