Animating different table of points


I have seven files of coordinate data. The naming of the files is as follows: number1, number2 … number7).
ParaView has automatically picked the files. I have applied the TableToPoints filter to convert it into a gridded data.
So I want to animate this data by giving different colors to each file containing coordinate data.
Say number1 data points are represented using black color, number2 data points using white so on. But I am not able to do it. So can I get some suggestions on it.

I have attached the file for reference.

Does number1 data is for the first time step, number2 data is for the second time step and so on with your animation ?

Your files are not public and can’t be downloaded.

Hi @mwestphal

Yes, you’re right. So for my first time step number1 data should be displayed then number2 data and so on. So I want to represent it with different color schemes but in the same animation.

I have given you the access to the file. I hope you can download it.

Hi, @mwestphal

It would be really helpful if you give me some suggestions on my query.

Thank you.

I tried your dataset. Each timestep does not contains the same number of points, is that expected ?

In any case, there is no easy way to do what you are looking for. The simplest way would be to store the time step value in a dedicated FieldData array using a Programmable Filter.

See Programmable Filter examples here :

Let me know if you need further help.