Animating glyphs in Blender using BVTKnodes

Good Day,
I have installed BVTKnodes plugin for Blender and have created the streamlines and sphere glyphs as two separate blender meshes. I am creating these by referencing to the paraview filters. Similar to using the contour filter in Paraview and animating the glyphs, I want to know how to do the same in Blender using the BVTKnodes. The goal is to make the glyphs follow the streamline in Blender.

For reference : ParaView - Particles and streamlines - YouTube (I want to do the same in Blender using BVTKnodes)

Looks more like a question for Blender than for ParaView.

The Question will mainly suit for the VTK…I tried the Contour filter node, But I am not able to make it work like I did it in Paraview. Since Paraview uses VTK, and BlenderVTK plugin uses it too, Its similar…Where do you suggest is the the best place to post this? or

Thanks, Will Post it there.