Animation Camera Orbit Python

Hello, How can reproduce the Animation by Camera Orbit of the graphic client in Python?

Just use the Python trace in ParaView to generate a trace to use in pvpython.

Hi Mathieu, thanks. The problem is that the trace generate the positions of the camera for an specific case I want a general orbit procedure given camera and positions and rotation center. At the end I am doing this:

def saveAnimationOrbit(render_view, path, resolution, animation):
    num_of_keyframes = animation.frames
    animationScene = simple.GetAnimationScene()
    animationScene.ViewModules = [render_view]
    animationScene.NumberOfFrames = num_of_keyframes

    cameraAnimationCue = simple.GetCameraTrack(view=render_view)

    camera = render_view.GetActiveCamera()

    cue = []
    for i in range(0, num_of_keyframes):
        camera.Azimuth(360.0 / num_of_keyframes)
        keyFrame = simple.CameraKeyFrame()
        keyFrame.KeyTime = i * 1.0 / num_of_keyframes
        keyFrame.Position = camera.GetPosition()
        keyFrame.FocalPoint = camera.GetFocalPoint()
        keyFrame.ViewUp = camera.GetViewUp()
        keyFrame.ViewAngle = camera.GetViewAngle()

    cameraAnimationCue.KeyFrames = cue
    simple.SaveAnimation(path, render_view, ImageResolution=resolution, FrameWindow=[0, num_of_keyframes - 1],

What do you think?

Seems good enough ! Thanks for sharing your script.

Is there a way in the previous script to interpolate frames in order to not render all?

I do not think so.