Animation Geometry Cache Limit

Hello, I am following the NVIDIA Index Paraview Plugin User Guide. In the guide it instructs the user to check the Cache Geometry for Animation option in Settings / General, which I’ve done, but there’s no option to set the Animation Geometry Cache Limit as shown in the guide. Was this an option that was removed by Paraview?

Also, when I enable Cache Geometry for Animation the animation is indeed smoothed, but it eventually causes the program to crash when I cache around 1000 of a total 3000 time steps. I’m wondering if it’s hitting the upper limit of the Geometry Cache.

The cache limit setting is indeed temporarily removed since the code to compute the size was too conservative.

It could be so, but may also point to some other issue somewhere else. Is this when using Index or without it? IndeX uses its own caching so it may point to some other issue.

Thank you for the quick response. Currently I’m using the Volume representation, but I will try it with NVIDIA IndeX and let you know if it happens. My other thought was that maybe my system is just running out of memory - I’m running an experiment to see if that’s the case now.

Thank you again for your help, Utkarsh. From my experiment it conclusively looks like it’s an issue with my system running out of memory causing the program to crash - so actually my problem is an issue with not having a Cache Limit after all, ha! I’ll just have to keep an eye on memory if I enable the Geometry Cache feature. Your explanation helped me arrive at that conclusion though so thank you again.