Animation is slow on 5.10 but not on 5.8.2

I notice that in Paraview 5.10 you’re using TBB with 8 threads, so I’m wondering if changing the thread count affects the performance or if using TBB itself is the issue.

Just a heads up that up until recently, ParaView was not threaded. SLOWLY threads are being added to ParaView filters. I’m suspcious that Glyph isn’t one of them yet.

If you can turn on something called “use MPI” in setting for the backend server, don’t do it. The communication just slows you donw.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I am not using the MPI version of paraview 5.10 so I don’t have access to these.

Seems no progress since March. I spot the same behaviour, which means this is reproducible on different machines.

Animation with v5.10 is fine on Linux but is very slow on Winodws, like 3 FPS.

v5.8 works fine on both Linux and Windows.

BTW, configurations are not changed, out-of-box defaults are used for both versions. The data consists of vtk files, in which only one node is defined.

I’ve compared 5.6 to 5.11 to show a simple geometry, and 5.11 is definitely slower

@Ali_Rahnama : Is this about animation ?

no , just simple obj file

unrelated then.