Animation of a Transform Matrix (CVS reader)

I want animate a Transform Matrix based on a CVS file.
And also need that the reader skip the first row of CVS file and merge the consecutive delimiter

The CSV Reader has the options Have Header to use the first row as column name instead of content, and another option Merge Consecutive Delimiter.

For the animation part, the Transform does not take input from the outside, you will need to do some python scripting here.

My problem is that my first row as 2 columns with data that doesnt interest and the next ones as data with 6 columns. When I activate the delimiters this cause just 2 columns instead of 6.

The CSV reader does not allow to skip some lines.

If you can, reformat your csv. Otherwise you can try to create your own reader with a programmable source (see here)

Ok my cvs file have 16 columns, it is possible to read it?

Number of columns is not an issue.

If you are still in trouble, please:

  1. share a minimal csv file
  2. give more details about what you want to achieve
  3. describe what you did
  4. explain why the result of 3. is not what you want

I tried again and its working. But I have another question. How do I select a Specific row from the table to print in python shell?