Animation to make spheres appears through time


I’m working with csv files containing x,y and z location of particules. I’m vizualizing it with glyphes on paraview and it work well :slight_smile:

Each particule has a id corresponding to its age and I’ll like to make an animation in which particules appear through time.
Regarding the picture above, i’ll like to start the animation with only the darker blue sphere (id=1) visible and has the time passes the higher id spheres appears.
I did find out how I can link the animation panel with the colormap editor to adjust the colormap through the time.

My problem seems quite similar to this one : Point cloud with dynamic opacity for each point depending on value and animated time but I didn’t find the answer in this topic.

I’ve attached an example file if it can help.

Thanks by advance,

TEST.csv (3.8 KB)
Test_particules.pvsm (315.2 KB)

All you have to do is apply the Threshold filter on your glyphs and set the Scalars you are thresholding on to id (or whatever field you want to use to make the particles appear). Then, in the Animation View you can add a track for the threshold upper threshold to animate the appearance of the particles.

test-particles-animation.pvsm (494.8 KB)


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Thanks a lot, it was way easier than what I tried !