Animation View - rotation around coordinates axis at an angle

I’m trying to make an animation of data around sphere (earth model). I’ve made rotation around z-axis, using animation view -> camera->orbit:
example animation.
What I’m trying to do is the same animation, around the same axis, but in different view, like on the screen below (z axis at an angle, not vertical):

Setting proper view in RenderView and then applying camera->orbit with the same settings, as in example animation doesn’t work - z-axis is reseted to vertical.
Do you have any tips how to solve it?

And second question:
Do you have any ideas how to change the variable or variable’s dimension indices during the animation? e.g. I have values with n time steps and during this animation I’d like to change rendered value from 1 to n (or change variable)

Thank you for any tips!

  1. You can manually setup the camera position if you want.
  2. You can add any variable in the animation view