Animation with CGNS or other file formats.

Hi all,

I use ParaView to plot CFD results stored in CGNS format. I have done some animations as well, which seems to work well OK except that I struggle with grid motion.

I have CFD grids that move as rigid bodies relative to one another. I have stored the data using the CGNS time dependent data format with rigid grid motion. Using that format, the grid need only be defined once, with the grid velocity specified. However, the grid motion does not plot in ParaView, so I suspect is unsupported.

A few questions…

  1. Has grid motion using CGNS been added to ParaView? (Several years ago, it was not supported.) If it is supported, I must be doing something wrong. A sample CGNS file with grid motion or some advice would be useful.

  2. If not, I could use another format. Is there a recommended format that I might use? My computational grids are unstructured, cell-centered data, with multiple zones. The grid motion is (for the most part) rigid body motion, either translating or rotating with constant speed. Again, advice and/or sample files would be useful.

Any help is appreciated.


couldn’t this be done using a filter? you could potentailly use the Python programmable filter to apply the motion. If you share a small sample dataset, I can see how one can put together such a filter.

Dear Utkarsh,

Thanks for your reply.

I have never written filters, so I don’t know if this can be done. I can send a file for you to take a look at. However, typical files are tens ore hundreds of megabytes, so they are large. I will put together a smaller file for you to look at.
I will have to put one together, so may be tomorrow.