Annotate time varying parameters in animation

Hello all!

I have been struggling during the past week with the following issue and I wonder if someone could help me.

My issue is that I have, as a result of a micromagnetic simulation, an animation of several vtk files and I would like to plot/annotate in the animation how the magnetic field (Bx) evolves for each time step.
To do that I have opened a txt table whose columns are the values for each time step.
I have tryed different filters but I did not managed to have the time varying parameter, just a fixed value.

What I think is more suitable is using Bx[t_index] in PythonAnnotation but it gives me the error that t_index is not defined I guess because the “time” variable in implicit in the vtk files and not in the table.

Thanks in advance for your help!



This looks correct to me. Could you share some files to reproduce the issue.

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks a lot for your help.

Since the vtk files are to heavy I cannot load them so if it is fine for you you can find some of them and the table in this link:

The parameter I need to annotate is Bx.

Thank you again.

I do not have access to the data.

Sorry, I’ve just shared it with you.

I’m afraid this is not supported to read your time steps and other temporal from an external .txt file. You need to associate the temporal data with each temporal vts file manually.

Ok ! no problem.

Thank you evry much for your help.