Annotating a filter's input properties


I’m trying to annotate the rotation and translation input parameters of a Transform filter to the top left corner of my render view, but I can’t figure out how to access those properties. I’ve tried two things:

  • Using the Python Annotation filter: I couldn’t find a way to grab those parameters from inputs[0]
  • Using the Python Calculator: I got an error when I tried to call FindSource(‘Transform1’).Transform.Rotate, even if I include from paraview.simple import * in the expression line

What would be the best way to access the Transform filter’s (or any filter’s) input properties?

This can only be done client side using a python macro, as the values are not present in the output of the transform.

Thanks Mathieu, that’s definitely a feature I should take advantage of more often.

Is there an example/tutorial for doing something like this? I’m trying to annotate the “Scale Factor” from a warp filter while creating an animation through that value.

Nothing complicated, recover the value of a property and put the value into another property.

I would use the Tools > Start Trace feature, save the script which would include a text source handle and a warp filter handle, and then add a loop to animate

Thank You @mwestphal and @krvorren for your replies and your patience. I made a simple pipeline with a mandelbrot source all defaults and warped it by .001. Then I have been able to make a macro with the following code:
from paraview.simple import *
a = FindSource(‘WarpByScalar1’)
b = FindSource(‘Text1’)
b.Text = ‘Warp Scalar:’ + str(a.ScaleFactor)
that updates the screen for a given warp value. If I use the animation inspector to iterate over warp values though, the text source does not update. I can manually walk through the warp values, click the macro and the Text source updates correctly. (sorry to co-opt this thread…). Is there a way to get this filters property automatically updated so I can simply save an animation and have the correct value annotated.

Just call Update and Render ?