annoying popup message "ParaView is not responding"

I don’t know this is the right place to ask this question but somebody might have an idea. when i try to process data with ParaView (5.4.1) under Centos 7.3 i am getting a popup message about “ParaView is not responding”. It repeats for a while and every time i have to choose “wait” then after couple of minutes ParaView renders the information without any problem. So, i just wonder that it there any way to stop this popup screen? It might be OS related question but I am not sure.

I’m pretty sure that is an operating system message. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do on the ParaView side at the moment.

As Cory said, that is an operating system message. When the GUI of a program has not re-rendered in X seconds (X depends on your OS), the OS will assume the program is hung and ask the user what they want to do about it.

ParaView does the majority of its data processing in its UI thread and so if you are doing some operation on a large dataset you will get this message while the UI thread is processing your data if the operation takes more than X seconds.