Any good resource or books in terms of Paraview design/architecture for developers

I am developing customized app based on ParaView. My major learning approach is still reading the source code. I feel like my understanding about ParaView is broken into pieces. I would really appreciate any resource on design and architecture for developers to piece together information.


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ParaView contains many examples of ParaView based application in Examples/CustomApplications, you may want to look at that.

Hi Mathieu, thanks for your kind reply. I’ve looked all those examples. I would like to dive deeper and learn ParaView source code at a more granular level. There are books for VTK which covered the visualization pipeline in depth and I appreciated it a lot. But ParaView is an application which has an application layer and VTK as the core (please correct me if I am mistaken). I would like to know more about How the application layer in ParaView is interacted with VTK. I am struggle to find any good resources on this matter, especially for developers.

For instance, if I do pqObjectBuilder::createSource("sources", "Sphere");
how does the data flow from ParaView to VTK?

There is a ParaView online course coming up:

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