Application of CFD-MFIX post-processing

Hello R&D personnel! Currently, I am post-processing the results calculated by CFD-Mfix software with the aim of achieving particle motion in Paraview. However, I have several problems that make me powerless. The question is as follows: Firstly, should I import VTK or VTP files? I have tried everything, but it was not the result I wanted. Secondly, when I type RES files, I find that the geometric structure appears jagged, and I don’t know why.

Additionally, what I would like to say is that in MFIX software, the geometry and its mesh structure are shown in the following figure:

I will appreciate it if these problems can be solved.
Best wishes!

Result should be the same but prefer .vtp files.

Please share your data.

Thank you for your reply. As a beginner, I don’t know how to submit error reports or data. Can you tell me? Thanks a lot!


Hello, we need to know the other party’s email address before we can send it. May I know the email address?

Thanks a lot.

The .vtk seems to contain what you are looking for ?

Thank you very much for your patient reply. I tried it and got the same grid graph. However, I can see particles moving within the geometric body on the mfix simulation software. How can I operate Paraview to obtain the particle motion process? Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much for your reply again. This problem has been solved.