"Apply" button for properties stays grayed out after first use.

The problem I am having is with the “Apply” button under “Properties” pane.

As shown in the image below, I change the “Line width” to some value, clicked “Apply” and the new view was rendered.
Then I changed the “Line width” (or some other settings under “Properties/Styling” pane) again, but now the “Apply” button stays grayed out, as if it does not detect any changes. (Although I think it does because if I have “Auto apply changes” on, the view is updated. I don’t want it on.)

I am working with Paraview 5.8.0, on Linux. Any help is appreciated.

Display properties such as Line Width are applied as soon as editing is finished because usually those properties don’t require any expensive updates. Hence, what you are seeing is expected.

Source and filter properties, on the other hand, may cause expensive pipeline updates. Hence, when you change those property values, the Apply button is activated, and the property changes aren’t made until you click it.

Yes! So, I was able to click “Apply” the first time, after changing only the line width, was not because of that change but the default behavior.

Thanks a lot.