Apply different colours to individual mesh facets


I would like to know if it is possible to colour different facets of a mesh (STL) individually in ParaView?

The context is that I have an STL file with N (>1000s) facets and an associated text file complete with N RGB colour values. Is it possible to apply the RGB value to each corresponding facet?

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Yes, uncheck “Map Scalars” in the representation properties.

Thank you Mathieu for your quick reply! Forgive my ignorance, but where would I find “Map Scalars”? I have attached a screenshot of my view for reference.

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Its an advanced option, click on the cogwheel or search for it in the search field

Thanks Mathieu for your reply.

I unchecked map scalars, but am unsure about how exactly to apply the RGB values to the rendering. I have tried to add the RGB CSV to ParaView but an unsure about how to map it to the mesh (the files I am using are attached: test.stl and test_facecolors.csv)

Does ParaView support RGB values in the attribute bytes of every triangle? RE:
I have tried this approach according to the VisCam and SolidView spec (see attached test_rgb_binary.stl) but not had any luck so far. Any help would be appreciated!

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test.stl (1.1 MB)
test_rgb_binary.stl (245.7 KB)
test_facecolors.csv (417.6 KB)

Is this what you are looking for, it is assuming your triangle order in the stl are the same as your data order in the csv ?

Since you are separating your stl form your color information, this is quite complex to do with standard ParaView filter:


You can also easily do that with a programmable filter instead if you want.

Thank you Mathieu, yes this is exactly the desired output, thank you for your help!

As you said, I am currently separating the colour information from the stl file, would there be a better or recommended way to store this data to combine the two?

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I think stl can store data information, you may want to use that.