Applying filters to lines contained in a unstructured mesh

HexagonalGrid_00000.vtu (831.9 KB)

Hello Paraview Support,

I am working with an unstructured grid with the Cell type (VTK_LINE, id=3), which represents trusses in a lattice. To visualize the radius of the trusses with the physically correct radius I want to apply the Tube filter to the lines in the mesh and assign the tubes with the radius. This method is preferred over the ‘Render Lines As Tubes’ method, as it does not allow for control of the physical radius and the thickness changes when zooming in/out.

However, I am relatively new to Paraview and I’m unsure how I can access the lines of the mesh to apply filters to it.

Hopefully, you will be able to help and I have uploaded an example of the VTU files I am working with.


  • Run ParaView
  • File → Open → HexagonalGrid_00000.vtu, Apply
  • Filters → Alphabetical → ExtractSurface, Apply
  • Filters → Alphabetical → Tube, change radius to 0.003. Apply.

Thanks a lot!

And I’m very impressed with the fast response time :slight_smile: