Applying ProbeFIlter to volumetric mesh and generate 3D image

I have created a volumetric mesh (FEM) using gmsh and exported it as a .vtk file (i.e. unstructuredGrid). This FE model consists of a box with an ellipsoid where ellipsoid is located inside of the box. (Scalar range is 1 to 2)
Then I loaded it to the ParaView and applied threshold filter to this volumetric mesh as you can see below images.

Now I want to apply probe filter and generate a 3D image (i.e. mhd file) from this volumetric mesh. Can you please elaborate with the steps that I need to follow ?

clipping view for entire volumetric mesh (i.e. including the ellipsoid inside of the box)

Clipping view after applying the threshold filter to remove the ellipsoid

volumetric box without ellipsoid in it (i.e. changing the threshold filter values)

volumetric ellipsoid after applying the threshold filter to remove the outer box

Filters -> ResampleToImage should do the trick.

I just applied ResampleToImage filter but, unfortunately I have got the below output.

Is there having any additional steps that I need to follow ?

This is the outline of the image. Use a surface representation to see it.

You can then save as a .mhd file.

Thank you very much.

Now I have another issue. When I clip the output to see the interior after applying the ResampleToImage filter, the ellipsoid region is not in there (see the attached image).
Did I missing something ?

Please help me on this matter as well.
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

you have to color witrh a scalar array.

But my FE model consists of different scalars as you can see in the earlier attached images.
Is there a way to do it with the GUI tool ? If possible can you please specify the steps ?

Please share your data.

I have shared it with my google drive since the upload limit exceeds.

Can I ask any possible solution to my issue please ? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

It’s there. The field is called CellEntityIds. It gets changed from cell data to point data because that is the nature of sampling.

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Thank you very much. I just switched Solid Colour to CellEntityIds in the colouring section after applying the ResampleToImage Filter and now I can see the voxelized ellipsoid inside the box after applying the clipping view.

One more issue,

I just tried to save it as a .mhd file (File->Save Data->Select Meta Image File Format and then save), but unfortunately, the output file is always empty and only contains the header. Any possible reason to this ?
Please help me on this matter as well.

I have saved the output as .mhd format, but unfortunately the file is empty. Any reason or did I forget any steps before saving it as .mhd file ?

I herewith attached the generated .mhd file for your further reference. (485 Bytes)

May I ask for a solution to my problem? Is this functionality not properly working ?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.