Are there options for controlling the size of the Paraview window?

I’m using Paraview python scripts to open standard exodus mesh files for interactive viewing by analysts.
Unfortunately, the user experience varies because Paraview tends to open in the same state it had at the end of the last session.

Are there Paraview command line arguments or commands in python that I can use to control the size/position, etc. of the Paraview application window? If so, are there options to ensure that specific things like the Pipeline Browser and Properties panel are visible and sized to be usable?

I’m running Paraview 5.11.1 in RHEL 7.9.

Thanks for your help.

Wdym, same state ?

The overall size and position of the Paraview window seems to be consistent with the previous session.
Also, some panels, like “Find Data” or “Color Map Editor”, may be shown if they were used in the last session.

Some users have had problems because this means that the render view is too small to effectively inspect the mesh without manually modifying the interface.
Other users have complained that the controls in the properties panel are hidden until they manually adjust the size of that panel.

Neither of these are major problems, but if they can be mitigated to save the users some time, then that would help the user experience.

Well, this is an intended behavior. If a user reduced the size of the window, we (well, Qt) try to respect it.

Deleting the setting file is a way to reset to default behavior, you can also run with --dry-run but then no setting will ever be saved.

Thanks for the prompt response.
I suspected that was the case, but I thought it was worth asking if there were any command-line or python options to override that behavior.