Area of slice : CellSize vs Integrate Variables

I need the area of my cell data as a variable to calculate area-weighted average values. To get that I am using Filter> CellSize > Compute Area. This gives me area on my cell data. I am exporting these values in csv files and this serves my purpose. I was calculating the total area summing all the cells. I got the total area here:

Then I was cross-checking my values using IntegratVariables function. I got these area values from ingerateVariables :

These two values are not close. My understanding was these two values will be close. What I am missing?

What is the best way to get cell area ?

Please share your data.


Which hdf5 reader are you using ?


I have noticed a similar discrepancy while using Cell Size over an isocontour. When exporting “Area” field with CSV and summing it with Python (np.sum), it does not give the same result than the Integrate Variables filter. Apparently the Integrate Variable is right because I have a factor of 10 between the two, and the result from Python is visually impossible. What magic is going on here ?

I compared the cell size filter and integrate variable filter on a slice surface and also can see two totally different results. Integrate Variables seems much more valid…