Artifacts when saving screenshot with transparent background and high resolution with enabled ray tracing

I have an image from a µCT I would like to render with paraview 5.9. To do that, I took the following Steps:

  • Load the .xmf image in paraview (the image is binary and contains only voxels with 0 or 1)
  • use the Threshold Filter with min=0.5 max=1 to only show voxels with a value >0
  • Select “Surface” as display type, and “Solid Color” for coloring
  • Click “Enable Ray Tracing” and “Shadows”, Set “Samples per Pixel” to 10

Now, in the renderview the image looks very good. But, if I save a screenshot, I get a lot of artifacts in the image. For example transparent pixels and lines going through the image:

So far I could track down where the artifacts come from:

  • The transparent pixels only occur, if I save the image with transparent backgrund
  • the lines only appear if I save the image in a different resolution than the one initially written in the screenshot dialog

Is there any possibility to prevent that and still save a screenshot with transparent background and high-resolution?

A workaround for the first issue is to save to a white background, then open the image in Photoshop and use the magic eraser tool. (There is probably a similar method for Gimp too…)

Hi @reox ,

Does that disapear if you increase the number of Pixels to a high number, eg 100 ?

FYI @Dave_DeMarle @timothee.chabat

You mean “samples per pixel” in the render settings? Or the size of the screenshot?

If I create the screenshot, the “native” size is 1070x829. If I use that, I do not get the lines, but with transparent background I get the transparent pixels in the image. Using a screenshot size of 100x100 pixel also has no lines (at least none I can see with that reduced size) but with the transparent background I still have the pixels.

I also changed the samples per pixel to 100, but it gives the same result.

Thus, the only setting that does not produce any artifacts is native resolution with a colored background.

I tried to test PV5.11rc1 but unfortunately, our system is too old… We use CentOS 7.9 here, which has a too old libc. Maybe this is an issue also for pv 5.9?
The Hardware is a nvidia GTX 1050 Ti with driver 455.32.00.

I mean sample per pixel, sry.

okay, no, unfortunately that seems to not change it. I tried with 500 and there is no difference.

What makes a difference is, if I enter some arbitrary resolution or if I use the x2 button. It seems like, resolutions which are a multiple of the native one, work better. But there are still faint lines visible.

that’s not the first time the “Save screenshot” feature gives this kind of artefacts … we should really start to track them down because these are recurrently appearing on the discourse.

I’ll try to see if i can reproduce the issue today on the PV5.11rc1

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