Asking for delaunay 2D

Dear all,

I’m the beginner of Paraview, so I’m quite sorry for in advance.

My question is I save the data file to ‘csv’ foramt

So, I follow other people’s advice

import CSV file → apply filter(tables to point) → apply filter(Delauay 2D)

so, I would like to see my result with pressure.

However, the problem is when I apply Delaunay 2D I get another strange body parts

so this is what I want

However, if I apply Delaunay 2D filter, I get this result.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I need your help.

Please help me

This is the expected behavior with a concave point cloud.

Thank you fore your reply…

I’m sorry but how do I get exact solution?? I would like to export the figures…

There is no automatic solution, you could manually select the cells you do not want, invert the selection and extract the resulting geometry.

oh…Thank you so much… really helpful to me… . so for spherical model is not good BTW, if I save the data writtn as vtk format, there are no problems such as this problems??

I’m sorry once agian. I need your help… I save my data to VTK file…
and I don’t know what is this… so

So, I use Delaunay 2D once agian…

So, can you tell me how to to select the cells or data from paraview?

and do you know when I import vtk files, why I get this ??

IF I choose ‘point’ I sucessfully see the data… but before selecting point data,

I cannot clearly see my result…

If I do not need to apply delauanay 2D filter, I would like to use another method.

It’s quite complex to eliminate some sells from the paraview
Do you know how to solve this problem?

At first glance, your points data looks like a structured grid points. So instead of the Table To Points filter, the Table To Sturctured Grid filter may be more suitable for you.

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