Async Support with Trame


I am struggling to understand how to use ParaView Async. I am trying to use ParaView Async to connect simultaneous 2D and 3D visualization in real time using Trame. I have the 3D data and know how to access the 2D data on ParaView, but don’t know how to connect the two using Async. I’m not too sure how Async works in general and have not found much helpful documentation about it. I am unsure if I can run Async on my laptop like I can ParaView or if I need to use a HPC. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.


Hi @aivandurfee !

You can definitely run async paraview on your laptop! Just keep in mind that at this stage the Async ParaView project comprises of various components that can be used to build applications from and not a complete executable application like ParaView.

The backend of async paraview is located here . I recommend to use the async_paraview_app cmake preset to build it using these instructions. The compilation proccess will give you among others the apvython executable which is the main entrypoint when using python.

You can see examples of how to use the backend in the python tests that go through the microservices - a core component of async paraview- see here. These examples/tests demonstrate how to create new sources, filters etc. which follow a slightly different approach from ParaView ( see use of await in scripts) order to allow for asynchronous processing.

From there you can combine trame UI components to build your custom application which can run locally as any other trame application. Two minimal applications exist here.

If you have encounter any issues feel free to open issues in the respective projects and tag me!